Hansenwholesale.com Website Review & Ratings + HansenWholesale Coupons
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Hansenwholesale.com Website Review & Ratings + HansenWholesale Coupons

The task of finding a resource that permits you to put the right finishing touches on any room in your home can be somewhat taxing. Time and budgetary constraints should be met by a source that will enable you to get what you need, and at price points that adhere to your particular set of circumstances. In 1976 HansenWholesale developed a line of products that proved to be the solution many to this very day are benefiting from.

HansenWholesale is an establishment that specializes in fire place accessories, ceiling fans and a number of other much needed items that makes a home feel complete. They have been selling online longer than Google has been in business. They began with the idea of minimizing hand over fist business practices that cause consumers to overspend and compromise their decor preferences. Their approach creates an opportunity for maximizing savings and acquiring the grand finale every person should be greeted with as they experience their home.

HansenWholesale is able to stake their claim in the wholesale industry because the integrity behind their operations became the vehicle that afforded them a chance to build relationships with like minded manufactures. Together these professionals are able to bring you the most reputable items that have been built with consumer needs at the forefront of their design efforts. They don't care about making a sale? They have set their sights on establishing relationships that create winning outcomes for everyone involved in the transaction.

Here are some of the establishments that have partnered with HansenWholesale:

HansenWholesale  offers the following products:

HansenWholesale: What makes it different?

HansenWholesale makes it almost too easy to find what you need. They have displayed their customer relations interactions right on their site for all to see. What you will observe is their attention to detail and tireless arrangements of ensuring the specs for things like gas log ventilation requirements and  lighting merchandise. HansenWholesale very good about making certain that their buyers are not making their purchases under false pretenses. Some of the terms might appear to be foreign? But is a quite impressive display of all the possibilities for shopping with confidence.

HansenWholesale also has a lowest price guarantee program. What this means to them is that if by chance the item of interest has been seen at a lower price somewhere else give them a call. This will either permit them to match the price or offer an even lower rate than that of its competitors. It just one more way these professionals stay on top of their ability to stand by their word and uphold their mission for quality and unbeatable pricing strategies.

Lastly, HansenWholesale commitment to the energy star movement permits their buyers to realize substantial savings with their initial purchases and on going cost reductions with the use of their products. It is vital to allow one of their seasoned professionals to walk you through the process. The following are a list of categories they cover which will more often than not include energy efficient merchandise within the particular line up you want to research:

The following finishes can be applied to just about all of their ceiling fans and lighting fixtures:

HansenWholesale vs. primary competitors (sites similar to HansenWholesale)

Lamps Plus and Lightingdirect.com are Hansenwholesale’s  two leading industry rivalries. All three have beautiful user friendly sites that offer the most exquisite selections. In all Hansenwholesale’ web site offers a great value because they invite their buyers to discover why they’re a solid educational resource and investment opportunity. They have graphs on their site that tell you the wind speed; energy efficiency results; motor size; and watts requirements for each product displayed. Not to mention the other instruments one can pick up to spruce up their patio or other highly trafficked areas utilized for entertaining.  

Hansenwholesale also offers a variety of other ways to streamline the shopping experience. Identify your budget, finish and you are taken straight to the items that meet the parameters of your situation.  One should also access their consumer performance rated section to see products that have gained anywhere between a 1 to 5 – the #5 being the best. This is in addition to all the other hands on resources they provide to ensure customer satisfaction.

Lightingdirect.com are heavily geared toward pushing lighting of various types which includes porch lights, lamps, chandeliers and many unique specialty items. They have an extensive energy star rated section of merchandise as well. Whether you’re into modern, traditional, old world charm or stained glass they will more than likely offer something suitable to your desires. Additionally, they provide  a feature that permit shoppers to narrow their search by price-points.

Lamps Plus Let’s its consumers browse the most innovative and attractive technologies. They actually have products where a ceiling fan has been combined with a chandelier. It is truly a great resource for couples seeking a display of that offers a selection of happy medium merchandise. They have a wide variety to explore so its best to set aside some time to acquire a thorough overview of what your best options are. Browsers can also streamline their efforts by utilizing their features that direct you by brand, finish, size and so forth.

HansenWholesale: Pricing & packages

Hansenwholesale is the only one of the three that offers a lowest price guarantee program; provided they carry the item of interest to you of course. This feature sets them apart from its competition and makes them a preferred choice before you finalize your transaction with its competitors. You will also find that Lighteningdirect.com and Lamps Plus do offer specials throughout the year. For this price comparison example ceiling fans and a third item unique to their product line were chosen to give you a snap shop of the savings they provide.


  • Outdoor Ceiling Fans $79.55 - $739.00
  • Indoor Ceiling Fans $84.92 - $3,295.80
  • Exhaust Fans $36.91 - $228.34


  • Outdoor Ceiling Fans $100.00 - $500.00 & Up
  • Indoor Ceiling Fans $100.00 - $499.00
  • Gas Burning Coals $345.10 - $425.85

Lamps Plus

  • Outdoor Ceiling Fans $269.00 & $2305.91
  • Indoor Ceiling Fans $199.00 - $1,999.00
  • Exhaust Fans $24.99 - $454.99
HansenWholesale: Product images & screenshots
HansenWholesale Coupons
Get Get 10% Off Select Casablanca Ceiling Fans @ HansenWholesale (expires 425 months)
Get Get 15% Off Select Casablanca Ceiling Fans + Free Delivery Over $49+ @ HansenWholesale (expires 425 months)
HansenWholesale: Customer reviews & comments

Customer experiences are varies with HansenWholesale, below is an example how how their consumers rate them:

"Salesperson responding to pre-order inquiry was professional and helpful. Placed order, received confirmation promptly. Seems the manufacturer was going to charge close to item price to drop ship order from NY so order was cancelled by Hansen. Ok by me but dinging one star because I thought a) they should have allowed me to decide if I wanted the fixture bad enough to pay the freight, and b) they advertise a lot of products by the that vendor and should have known about the shipping (order was being shipped to within 25 miles of Hansen's offices). I would order from them again. Note to cb cautious: They are listed on BBB as Jaben Holdings if you search by phone number. Have a "B" rating. " Read more...

Best Available HansenWholesale Coupon:
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Get 10% Off Select Casablanca Ceiling Fans @ HansenWholesale (expires in 425 months)
Get 15% Off Select Casablanca Ceiling Fans + Free Delivery Over $49+ @ HansenWholesale (expires in 425 months)